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Selected Poems 1970-1996

things I have and
don’t have
come from this
moving between people like leaves like

—from “Drifting”

Lifshin writes with energy, fire, and truth of the common world of experience. Bearing signs of struggle, pain, and loss, these poems carry the history of the body with agony and pride, as enduring tokens of what it is to be alive.

Contents include Onyxvelvet (Autobiography), After Dark My Sweet (Love and Erotica), Despite Everything (Family), Blissful Misfits and Secret Faces (Other People), Black Trillium and Apricot Wind (Place).

Magnificently crafted poems…concise field reports from a woman warrior at the front line of feeling.

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Lyn Lifshin was the author of more than 125 books and edited four anthologies of women writers. Throughout her life, she remained dedicated to the small presses which first published her. Ms. Lifshin’s Black Sparrow collections are Before It’s Light, Cold Comfort, and Another Woman Who Looks Like Me.