Beneath the Streets of Boston Garners “T” Award

We’ve got big news here at the Godine office! Just in, hot off the presses, is an absolutely glowing review from Eli, a five-year-old soon-to-be Kindergartener and resident of Bedford, MA.

When challenged to choose a book he’d give an award to by his public library, he judiciously conferred upon Godine author Joe McKendry the “T” Award.

His words below:

“I really like that you marked which line is which, and told about how each line was built. I also like the maps showing all the construction and where it was builded. My favorite thing in the world in this book is the maps. And the part that tells how each line got its name.”

His mother adds:

“He also really wants you to know that he loves the T store in Somerville and the T mugs and T shirts, and he wants to make sure that you know that the Alewife garage is crumbling. He always tells us that this book has everything about the T, except the purple line and the silver line. So maybe that can be your next project – he will spend all his allowance money to buy that one too!”

We are so excited Eli loves the book, and we hope this means we can expect a purple and silver line sequel out of author and illustrator Joe McKendry sometime in the near future.