“Trio” Nominated for 2019-2020 Hoosier Book Award

We are so excited to announce that Trio has been nominated for the 2019-2020 Hoosier Book Award by the Indiana Library Federation. We hope that this determined little cat will bring joy to many more children in the years to come.

Written and illustrated by Andrea Wisnewski, “Trio” is one fetching little kitten whose infirmity didn’t stop him from pouncing, sneaking, and jumping like any other feline. Trio especially loves playing with the eleven chickens that share the garage and garden, and he is game to try all their activities: digging up bugs, rolling in the dust, and even laying eggs. The latter requires real effort, especially making it up into the nesting box, but once he figures it out, he returns to it faithfully every day. And his persistence pays off! One day, an egg starts hatching beneath him. Little does he know, the chick that pops out will become his best friend. This is a story about diversity, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately, acceptance. The story is delightful and the brightly colored linocut illustrations endearing, sure to charm adults, children, cats and chickens alike.