Beneficence raves in WSJ and WaPo


While Meredith Hall’s hometown newspaper, the Maine Sunday Telegram, recently called her novel Beneficence “a glorious book,” both the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post are also gushing. Here’s what the critics are saying:

“As organically as it traveled to heartbreak, Beneficence progresses to the place of wisdom that lies beyond it, where we learn that a home is part of the ‘vast world of innocence and harm,’ not an island beyond it.”
Wall Street Journal

“These voices from the past speak so clearly to our time, at a moment when many of us wonder whether we’ll lose the things that we consider blessings….Beneficence is a quiet but steady book, one that echoes ancient and important rhythms.”
Washington Post

Beneficence is a glorious book, its joy as quietly beautiful as the tragedy at its center echoes loudly through the lives of its characters. Hall acknowledges that each life is very small, on its own, but that the love we each bear for one another is immense, our capacity for it endless.”
Maine Sunday Telegram