Before It’s Light – SAVE 50%!

the only place I said what I meant
was in poems

—from “The No More Apologizing, the No More Little Laughing Blues”

Lyn Lifshin is a poet who speaks with directness—immediate and accessible, seemingly artlessly, yet conveying complex truths. This collection is like an unforgettable late night, sitting on a porch in the sweet night air and listening to stories told by a very close friend.

These direct, spare, autobiographical poems evoke memories of an unlovely girlhood…a stormy marriage…the pain of losing a mother…the struggle to regain self-sufficiency after bad relationships. As always, Lifshin trawls deep waters of submerged passion beneath the surface of everyday life, coming up with a teeming, glistening catch.
Tom Clark

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Lyn Lifshin was the author of more than 125 books and edited four anthologies of women writers. Throughout her life, she remained dedicated to the small presses which first published her. Ms. Lifshin’s Black Sparrow collections are Before It’s Light, Cold Comfort, and Another Woman Who Looks Like Me.