A Brief History of Camouflage – SAVE 50%!

In the spell-like, poetic fiction of Thaisa Frank, the fantastic is never far from the ordinary: her characters glimpse other worlds in their rear-view mirrors, receive postcards from long-dead friends, and take lovers who literally glow in the dark, their mustaches filaments, their pubic hair incandescent. Call it ‘domestic magical realism,’ call it the work of a West Coast I.B. Singer, it’s fiction that ‘packs an emotional punch that will leave the reader gasping.
San Francisco Chronicle

Thaisa Frank, is a recipient of two PEN writing awards, and lives in Oakland, California. Frank is a Contributing Editor of the San Francisco Review, teaches creative writing at the University of San Francisco, is a co-host of the Writers Conference on the WELL, and has a private practice as a psychotherapist.