Scars Make Your Body More Interesting & Other Stories

Sherril Jaffe’s concise, often witty language captures the myriad and mundane experiences of a life with extraordinary depth of emotion. Her stories range from short, to very short; her writing possesses the evocative brevity of poetry, yet it remains unequivocally prose.

Here is “The Mime” in its entirety:

Nothing she had was her own but her white face.

Together, the stories collected in Scars Make Your Body More Interesting offer a portrait of the domestic, the unusual and the romantic that is recognizable to any reader.

Sherril Jaffe is the author of ten books, including Scars Make Your Body More Interesting, This Flower Only Blooms Every Hundred Years, The Unexamined Wife, The Faces Reappear, House Tours, Interior Designs, Ground RulesOne God Clapping, Expiration Date, and You Are Not Alone and Other Stories, winner of the 2011 Spokane Award for the Short Story. Her stories have appeared in a variety of journals, including Epoch, Alaska Quarterly Review, and American Fiction. She is the recipient of the 2000 Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence, a PEN Award, as well as a 2010 MacDowell Fellowship.