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All Around the Block - SAVE 40%!

All Around the Block - SAVE 40%!

An Alphabet

by Judy Pelikan

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-343-8
Pages: 64
Size: 5.7" x 6.3"
Published: July 2008
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The alphabet letters are loose! Tired of being just one side on a square alphabet block, each letter takes charge of covering, carving, painting, and manipulating the surface of the block in a variety of inventive and unexpected ways. A Folded strip of Film follows sandy Footprints past a Friend’s cowrie shell while a quartet of Jaunty Jacks squares up to form a miniature house of cards. Each page offers up its own intriguing and challenging little world. This is an imaginative ABC book that adults will love sharing with children—and vice versa.

Judy Pelikan
Judy Pelikan lives in the North Country of New Hampshire. She has illustrated many books, among them the New York Times bestseller Grandmother Remembers.