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Appalachia USA- SAVE 50%!

Appalachia USA- SAVE 50%!

Photographs, 1968-2009

by Builder Levy

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-508-1
Pages: 128
Size: 9.9" x 12.2"
Published: November 2013
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An aesthetically and socially significant book that celebrates the human spirit; it is this spirit that shines through the coal dust in the faces of miners, in mothers struggling to protect their children, and in ravaged but resilient communities.

Builder Levy’s photographs and accompanying captions capture the tension, the dignity, and the enduring humanity of the people who live, work, and endure in West Virginia, southwestern Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

For four decades, Builder Levy has been witness to a dangerous industry where workers operate heavy machinery in close quarters underground, extracting ever-increasing tonnage of coal. Over the last two decades, at surface mines, Levy has seen powerful explosives tear apart mountain summits, followed by giant draglines that scoop out the exposed veins of coal in massive, destructive, quantities. He has also witnessed strikes and picket lines, desperation and rage, hope and dignity, and the inevitable natural and man-made disasters that are part of the territory. Intertwining the traditions of fine art, social documentary, and street photography, Builder Levy is part of a grand humanist tradition in photography that includes Lewis Hine, Paul Strand, and Walker Evans. This edition includes sixty-nine spot-varnished tritone photographs.

Builder Levy
Builder Levy's work has appeared in more than two hundred exhibitions, including over fifty one-person shows. His photographs appear in more than fifty public collections around the world. He has been awarded fellowships from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the Alicia Patterson Foundation, the Puffin Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and two commissions from the Appalachia College Association. Monographs of his work include Images of Appalachian Coalfields and Builder Levy Photographer. He lives in New York City.