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Selected Poetry, 1957-1992

by David Meltzer

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Black Sparrow Press

ISBN: 978-0-87685-938-4
Pages: 193
Size: 5.92" x 8.98"
Published: June 1994
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“look/bird’s eye poem see-all high!” says the poem “Night Before Morning,” which begins with a recitation of odd, quirky musical instruments – “trump, bandora, kithara” – that illustrates Meltzer’s ties to Beat poetry, the San Francisco Renaissance, and, especially, jazz. Along with his songwriter wife, Tina, and poet Clark Coolidge, Meltzer does performance pieces that incorporate music, poetry, and song. He also works as an essayist, anthologist, jazz reviewer, college teacher, and erotic novelist. No one would dare call these poems polished, but they have a high-energy, Ginsberg-like quality; deft, idiosyncratic humor (e.g., “a lice-fevered bear”), and moments of pure encapsulated description that take the breath away: “a brace of crow/discuss attack in the white exploding cherry tree.” Many poems reflect an Eastern influence, with some short ones showing their cousinhood to haiku: “last night’s seed/a trail of light down your thighs.”
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David Meltzer
David Meltzer grew up in New York and wrote his first poem at eleven, on the subject of the subway. His writing career began in earnest when he moved to San Francisco at the age of nineteen and joined the Beats led by Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. He has published over fifty books of poetry and prose while simultaneously developing a reputation as an accomplished jazz guitarist and Cabalist scholar.