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A Book of Cape Cod Houses

A Book of Cape Cod Houses

by Doris Doane
Illustrated by Howard L. Rich

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-113-7
Pages: 96
Size: 2
Published: July 2007
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The history of the regional house style that became one of the most recognizable in American. The Cape Cod, or just cape, is a modest and practical house, a true colonial design that for millions of people says, “home.”

Cape Cods are short, stout, and simple; their interiors are centered on the hearth-warmed kitchen. From the mid-1600s to about 1850, capes were built all across New England and as far west as Michigan, homes to fishermen and farmers, to city dwellers and shipwrights. Their low-slung design meant they were economical, easy to build, and generally impervious to the bracing winds that swept in from the ocean or lakes. They could be enlarged by equally symmetrical wings, and if you couldn’t afford clapboards all around, you could easily sheath the back and sides with inexpensive cedar shingles and let them weather to a stormy gray. This classic book is as simple, elegant, and accessible as the houses it describes. You'll gain a new and deep appreciation for regional architecture that became the common American house.

Doris Doane was a proud native Cape Codder. Her ancestors the Doanes were on the second Mayflower and helped found Eastham, one of Cape Cod's largest towns. She dedicated her life to promoting and serving her beloved Cape.

Howard L. Rich

Howard L. Rich was a Massachusetts-based artist known for his architectural and landscape drawings.