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A Child's Christmas in Wales

A Child's Christmas in Wales

by Dylan Thomas
Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

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ISBN: 978-0-87923-529-1
Pages: 48
Size: 7.37" x 9.58"
Published: January 1984
ISBN: 978-0-87923-339-6
Pages: 48
Size: 7.68" x 9.72"
Published: January 1984
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A reminiscence of Christmas, from the viewpoint of a young boy, that has been a holiday favorite for decades. In rich, humorous, magical prose, poet Dylan Thomas recalls the church-going, the tree-trimming, the food, the carols and games of his childhood Christmases. And, of course, Mrs. Prothero and the firemen. It is one of Thomas’ most popular works. Always on Christmas night there was music, he writes. An uncle played the fiddle, a cousin sang “Cherry Ripe,” and another uncle sang “Drake's Drum.” It was very warm in the little house. Auntie Hannah, who had got on to the parsnip wine, sang a song about Bleeding Hearts and Death, and then another in which she said her heart was like a Bird's Nest; and then everybody laughed again; and then I went to bed. Looking through my bedroom window, out into the moonlight and the unending smoke-colored snow, I could see the lights in the windows of all the other houses on our hill and hear the music rising from them up the long, steady falling night. For this edition, Edward Ardizzone created the perfect accompaniment in 30 delightful watercolors and drawings. This is a timeless classic—a wonderful evocation of a gentle and seemingly endless Christmas made charming and endearing through language. Published in a format for reading aloud to young people, this is truly a book for all ages. Praise for A Child's Christmas in Wales

This is Dylan Thomas's homage to the Christmases of his boyhood, when the snow was thicker and whiter, when everything about Christmas was better than it is now. (Sound familiar? Ah, the good old days!) It's the sheer acrobatic brilliance of the language here that we most love. This is the most delicious read-aloud for having words trip off the tongue. -Publisher's Weekly
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas is one of the most celebrated writers to come out of Wales. He began his career as a writer at the age of sixteen and published several stories and poems as a teenager. His breakthrough came when he was twenty, with the publication of "Light breaks where no sun shines." In addition to his poetry, including the classic "Do not go gently into that good night," Thomas wrote several radio broadcasts for the BBC, the best-remembered of which is A Child's Christmas in Wales.

Author: Edward Ardizzone
Edward Ardizzone, born in 1900 in French Indochina, became a war artist during World War II. He illustrated more than twenty children's books including the Tim series, which he also wrote, and classics by Dickens, Mark Twain, and Dylan Thomas.