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My Country Right or Left, 1940-1943

My Country Right or Left, 1940-1943

The Collected Essays, Journalism, and Letters of George Orwell, Volume 2

by George Orwell
Edited by Sonia Orwell, Ian Angus

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-134-2
Pages: 496
Size: 5.5" x 8.25"
Published: June 2020
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See our complete collection at $58.95 of the four-volume George Orwell Collected Essays, Journalism, and Letters.

Until he was forced to flee Spain and return to London, George Orwell served with anti-Stalinist communist forces during the Spanish Civil War. Back in England, he was more convinced than ever of his pro-democratic Socialist beliefs and produced essays such as “My Country Right or Left” and “The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius.” This volume covers a formational period in Orwell's life—and a crucial period for the world's response to totalitarianism. Late in 1942, Orwell began regularly for the left-wing weekly Tribune and, early the next year began work on a new book called Animal Farm __________________________

"These four volumes might be the perfect tonic for what ails our society." —Franklin Freeman, America Magazine
"While [Orwell] is best known for Animal Farm and 1984, most of his writing derived from his tireless work as a journalist, and thanks to David Godine’s welcome reissue of The Collected Essays, Journalism, and Letters of George Orwell, which has been out of print for a decade, readers can find it all in one place. All of the author’s insightful, hard-hitting essays and journalistic pieces are here…the most complete picture of the writer and man possible."
—Eric Liebetrau, Kirkus Reviews
George Orwell
George Orwell is widely considered one of the greatest writers of the past century. Although his novels Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are now the most widely-read of his works, Blair was primarily a nonfiction writer. His essays, memoirs, and journalistic work make up one of the most celebrated bodies of work in the English language.

Sonia Orwell
Sonia Orwell, was the second and last wife of writer George Orwell. Together with David Astor and Richard Rees, George Orwell's literary executor, Brownell established the George Orwell Archive at University College London.

Author: Ian Angus
Ian Angus is the Head Librarian at King's College in London. He previously served as Deputy Librarian at University College, where he helped set up the Orwell Archive. He has been a recognized Orwell scholar for over three decades.