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DeZert Isle - SAVE 50%!

DeZert Isle - SAVE 50%!

by Claude Ponti
Translated by Mary Martin Holliday

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-237-0
Pages: 64
Size: 8.9" x 6.5"
Published: July 2003
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Jules is a Zert. He lives on DeZert Isle with his best friend Ned the Nail, and he's in love with a brick.

Jules's life is happy and busy; he has plenty of friends, lots of games to play, and sausages to tempt the brick of his dreams. But there are certain things he detests: being hammered by SledgeHead, being swallowed by BigMouths, and being captured by SmotherHen (why does she keep trying to hatch him?) 

DeZert Isle offers a guided tour to Jules's marvelous world, an up close and personal visit to the high life and occasional low points of a sun-drenched place where new friends are just around the corner and gifts are offered with an open heart—and where there's always enough hippopotamelon juice to go around.

Claude Ponti writes and illustrates children's books with an imagination, style, and wit we find especially captivating. His lively drawings invite us into a technicolor landscape full of excitement and wonder. Each story, rich with puns and jokes, inhabits a delicious world of imaginary creatures where toys spring to life and the sun just may bump into the moon. Like the best books for youngsters, DeZert Isle sees the world from a child's perspective; the improbable becomes the possible, and all things, even the most bizarre, have perfectly reasonable explanations—even being in love with a brick.

Claude Ponti
Claude Ponti was born in Lorraine, France, and educated at the School of Fine Arts in Aix-en-Provence. After graduating, he primarily worked as a cartoonist for the newspaper The Express. It was only the birth of his daughter in 1985 that spurred him to devote himself to children's books. His books often involve puns, made-up words, and references to Alice in Wonderland. Ponti has said that the dreamlike world in his books "speaks of the inner life and emotions of childhood, so every child can put what he or she wants in the images: his or her own characters and dreams." He has received many accolades for his work, including the Prix Sorcières and a nomination for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

Mary Martin Holliday