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Diary of a Pint-Sized Farmer - SAVE 50%!

Diary of a Pint-Sized Farmer - SAVE 50%!

A Year of Keeping Sheep, Raising Kids, and Staying Sane

by Sally Urwin

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-678-1
Pages: 256
Size: 6"x 9"
Published: August 2020
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Balancing life as a family-business entrepreneur, here’s how one woman left a corporate career for a new life as a farmer. Even though her feet don’t quite reach the tractor pedals, this city-girl-turned-shepherd found happiness and love with one husband, two kids, grumpy rams, ewes and lambs, Mavis the Sheepdog, and one very fat pony.

Ever dream of reinventing yourself and starting over? Sally Urwin did and this is her story—inspiring, touching, and often very, very funny. Once employed to market the insolvency services of a large accounting firm, now Sally and her husband, Steve, run High House Farm in Northumbria. Built around 1840, High House is a working farm where the whole family (including two children) pitches in. In a fresh and funny voice all her own, Sally tells her story of the shepherding life—which at High House Farm also includes the sideline businesses of a tearoom and a barn for weddings. 

Diary of a Pint-Sized Farmer reveals the highs and lows of the shepherding life and the hard work in making a living from the land. Filled with grit and humor, eccentric animals and local characters, this is the perfect book for anyone who has ever wondered what it’s like to pack up and find a new life on the other side of the fence.

"Urwin's account of a year on High House Farm, with its mix of arable land and 200 sheep in windswept Northumbria, is no rural idyll. But it's full of passion for the realities of life lived knee-deep in the countryside ... Despite the hardships, Urwin still finds the fun in rural life."--Daily Mail
Author: Sally Urwin
Sally Urwin is (probably) the shortest farmer in England and lives with her family and a lot of sheep in Northumberland. She used to work in the most depressing job in the world—marketing manager for a bankruptcy practitioner—but made a bid for freedom after nabbing farmer Steve from an online dating site. Together, they run High House Farm.