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Extreme Opposites - SAVE 50%!

Extreme Opposites - SAVE 50%!

by Max Dalton

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-503-6
Pages: 48
Size: 6.1" x 6.33"
Published: October 2013
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These are not your ordinary opposites for young children, they are EXTREME! Extremely funny and extremely clever, combining superlatives and opposites. Knights and dragons, castaways and off-hour Santas, dinosaurs and pirates, mimes and scuba divers populate this imaginative universe. And with just two words per page, you and your little one will have more time to linger over the irresistible illustrations and relish this recital of reverse attractions.

Subtle and wry, "Extreme Opposites" is as much a source of amusement for grown-ups and older children as a pedagogical exercise for younger ones. —The Wall Street Journal

Max Dalton
Max Dalton lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been drawing since he was two or three years old. Max has too many interests to list here – from writing to painting to playing music and reading about animals – but his all-time favorite is drawing.