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The Field and Forest Handy Book

The Field and Forest Handy Book

New Ideas for Out of Doors

by Daniel Carter Beard

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-165-6
Pages: 448
Size: 5.5" x 7.5"
Published: November 2006
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Camp, explore, hike, discover, learn woodcraft—get outdoors and be at home in nature all through the year!

This Handy Book was written in 1906 by a pioneer of the scouting movement, Daniel C. Beard, whose great passion was making boys and girls feel at home in the great outdoors. Then, as now, the reward is to experience nature's wonders while fostering self-sufficiency and independence. That is what The Field and Forest Handy Book provides. There are chapters on packing a horse, on making clothes and moccasins, on camp cooking, on building piers, boats, sleds, kites, birdhouses, snow houses, and snowmen. Everything imaginable for all ages to have some serious fun.

Daniel Carter Beard
Daniel Carter Beard was an artist before he became a scouting pioneer by starting the Sons of Daniel Boone in 1905, later changing the name to the Boy Pioneers of America. The renamed group kept its curriculum of healthful exercise and the outdoors traditions of American frontier life, a curriculum that influenced the Boy Scouts of America when the groups merged in 1910. Beard also encouraged girls to get involved in the outdoors lifestyle through his work with his sisters Lina and Adelia Beard, who wrote The American Girls Handy Book and helped start the Camp Fire Girls.