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Here & Elsewhere - SAVE 40%!

Here & Elsewhere - SAVE 40%!

The Collected Fiction of Kenneth Burke

by Kenneth Burke
Introduction by Denis Donoghue

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Black Sparrow Press

ISBN: 978-1-57423-201-1
Pages: 415
Size: 5.92" x 9.06"
Published: June 2005
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The gorgeous, brilliant essay-stories of Kenneth Burke were unlike any other fiction of the 1920s. Here & Elsewhere gathers, for the first time, all of Burke’s fiction: 23 short stories and Towards a Better Life, which Denis Donoghue calls “one of my favorite novels, full of sentences so luminous that I could be easily persuaded that style is everything.”
Burke's prose is impeccable and, for the most part, crystal clear, but his imagination is that of a modern Blake. The collision of hyperarticulacy and ecstasy produces a voice so original as to seem utterly new. —Dan Johnson, Believer Magazine
Kenneth Burke
Kenneth Burke was one of the most influential literary theorists of the twentieth century. He studied at Columbia University, but he dropped out before graduating, preferring to spend his time among the avant-garde writers of Greenwich Village. His literary connections and autodidactic talent allowed him to gain clout as a theorist despite his lack of a degree. He published in and edited prominent literary magazines and taught at colleges across the country. His work in literary criticism received numerous accolades, including the 1981 National Medal for Literature at the American Book Awards.  

Denis Donoghue
Denis Donoghue is the Henry James Chair of English and American Letters at New York University. He was born in Ireland and educated at University College Dublin and the University of Cambridge. His works include a six-part lecture series with the BBC called The Arts without Mystery, in which he decried society's rationalization of art. He lives with his wife Frances Rutledge in New York.