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A Leak in the Heart - SAVE 40%!

A Leak in the Heart - SAVE 40%!

Tales from a Woman's Life

by Faye Moskowitz

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ISBN: 978-0-87923-659-5
Pages: 176
Size: 5.02" x 7.96"
Published: January 1985
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These are twenty-four autobiographical story-essays, witty, vulnerable, and wise, about growing up part of a puzzled and unassimilated Orthodox Jewish family in a Michigan small-town in the 1930s and '40s and about the wider world of marriage, children, teaching and writing after that rich beginning.

Feeling alternately like Mother Goose and the wicked witch, Moskowitz hangs on to her vision just long enough to give us a lesson in the sweetness, and pain of this life. —San Francisco Chronicle
This small gem of a memoir is so deftly faceted that, though it is made up of separate vignettes, one soon perceives a pattern. —Washington Post Book World
A lyrical drama of Americanization. —Los Angeles Times
A rare book...that I want to go out immediately and purchase for my family and achingly painful and funny collection of essays about growing up female and Jewish. —Houston Chronicle
A lovely book, beautifully written, the kind that makes you want to grab your friends, say Hey, listen to this, and start reading aloud. —Russell Baker
Author: Faye Moskowitz
Faye Moskowitz is a English professor at George Washington University. Her interests are primarily in creative writing, particularly the memoir and the short story. She is also interested in Jewish-American Literature from its earliest beginnings in 1645 until the present time. She is a fiction writer and essayist, and holds a M.A. from George Washington University, 1979, and a Ph.D., George Washington University.