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Separate Flights - SAVE 50%!

Separate Flights - SAVE 50%!

by Andre Dubus

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ISBN: 978-0-87923-123-1
Pages: 216
Size: 5.53" x 8.25"
Published: January 2002
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Andre Dubus was one of the finest short-story writers in the United States, and this, his first collection, was published in 1975 to great acclaim. These stories are startlingly realistic evocations of the disruptions that beset daily life: indecision and lying, lovemaking and violent quarrels, evasion and self-discovery.

The collection opens with a superb novella, We Don’t Live Here Anymore, a chronicle of the cheerless accommodations that keep alive two tired marriages. This is American fiction at its best, by an author whose reputation, talents, and audience continue to grow with every passing year. Winner of the Boston Globe's first annual Laurence L. Winship Award as the outstanding book of New England origin in 1975.

Dubus is good — so good in fact that if [this is] your introduction to his work, you're apt to wonder where he's been hiding. —Washington Post
Book World I have to believe that the appearance of these stories in book form is an event . . . you will certainly want to keep it and read it again. —Chicago Tribune Book Review
Most Underrated Writer — Dubus is the sort of writer who instructs the heart, and he ought to be discovered by any number of readers. —The Atlantic Monthly
Dubus has been compared to Chekhov, and there is much that is apt in that. His collection restores faith in the survival of the short story. —The Los Angeles Times
Andre Dubus
Andre Dubus was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana to a Cajun-Irish Catholic family. He graduated from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, and later settled in Massachusetts, where he lived for the rest of his life. Winner of the prestigious PEN/Malamud and Rea awards, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, Dubus is widely regarded as a modern master of the American short story. “Dubus conjured up some of the most perfectly calibrated, not to mention perspicacious sentences in the English language. His writing can make your heart swell and shrivel at one and the same time.” —The Times (London)