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Some Folk Think the South Pole's Hot - SAVE 50%!

Some Folk Think the South Pole's Hot - SAVE 50%!

The Three Tenors Play the Antarctic

by Elke Heidenreich
Translated by Aubrey M. Woolman
Illustrated by Quint Buchholz

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-170-0
Pages: 64
Size: 6.3" x 9.98"
Published: February 2004
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What's a penguin to do living at the South Pole, all dressed up and with no place to go? What good is that natty tuxedo if there's no occasion to wear it? Well, these are no dumb penguins. They invite, for their amusement, the Opera Ship from Old Vienna, and who are its illustrious passengers? Well, (you guessed it) none other than the three tenors, performing that south Pole favorite to boot, La Traviata, starring José Carreras as Alfredo, Placido Domingo as the disapproving father, and Luciano Pavarotti playing the role of the sweet and tender Violetta. Some lucky penguins!

This is (honestly) a remarkable book. The story is written entirely in rhymed couplets, and who can resist verses that run:

All penguins, as I said, wear tails

(or evening dress), not just the males.

You're puzzled by this craze for fashion

And ask the reason for their passion;

Why do they love to be such smarties?

Is it because they like posh parties?

The artwork is detailed and droll, perfectly catching the whimsical spirit of the text. Opera lovers, penguin lovers, or just plain lovers, will all fall for this bijou from the frozen Pole.

Author: Elke Heidenreich
Elke Heidenreich, born 15 February 1943 in Korbach, is a German author, TV presenter and journalist. Heidenreich studied German studies in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Heidenreich works as German author and wrote several books, including Some Folk Think the South Pole's Hot. She lives in Cologne.

Quint Buchholz
Quint Buchholz is one of Germany's most beloved illustrators. Born in Stolberg, he studied art history at Munich University and graphic design at the Kunstakademie. He work has graced the pages of over forty books and appeared in numerous exhibitions.