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Sullen Weedy Lakes- SAVE 50%!

Sullen Weedy Lakes- SAVE 50%!


by William Logan

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ISBN: 978-0-87923-729-5
Pages: 96
Size: 5.84" x 8.58"
Published: April 1988
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Ranging from acerbic couplets to solemnly tolling verse, William Logan's newest book explores the soul of man in the soil of his society. In a world of Sullen Weedy Lakes, evolution is a downward spiral, and the changes of life "unhappy ripenings." In poetry that is sobering and miraculous, Logan exposes man in his exile, where social order is oppression, and nature the mirror and mimic of his devastation. Logan the observer is often aloof, dryly detailing horrific tableaus, yet in the end he weaves the separate poems into a rare concern and modulated despair. Corruption, oppression, and disease, legitimized by the ghastly pastel stamp of commerce and greed, have mastered and monstered the age; but the sullen weedy lakes of history may yet be sailed by the common, triumphant moorhen. Working against the pale romance of contemporary American verse, Sullen Weedy Lakes is an accomplished collection by a poet of whose early work Richard Howard remarked, "These are the poems in Prospero's drowned book."

William Logan
William Logan was born in Boston and educated at Yale and the Iowa Writers' Workshop. He has published eight poetry collections and five books of literary criticism. He has received several awards for his work, including a National Book Critics Circle Award for criticism and a John William Corrington Award for Literary Excellence. Logan reviews poetry for New York Times Book Review and teaches creative writing at the University of Florida.