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The Last Giants - SAVE 50%!

The Last Giants - SAVE 50%!

by François Place

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-621-7
Pages: 80
Size: 6.8 x 9.8"
Published: June 2018
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2023 Winner of the Prix Albertine Jeunesse. The tale of a lost race of giants and what happens when their existence, and their location, becomes known by the outside world.

After finding a huge tooth on the docks, English explorer Archibald Leopold Ruthmore sets out to seek the race of giants to whom the tooth belongs and discovers nine giants, the survivors of a singularly gentle and kindly race. He lives among them for ten months, and on returning home he makes a mistake that he regrets forever - he writes a book revealing their existence and location.

This book has received three major prizes, including the Grand Prize for Children's Literature. Now published for the first time in softcover.


The moral is delivered with subtlety, and Place's delicate, painstakingly detailed period paintings play a significant role in conveying his profound message. Originally published in the author's native France, the book has there received three major prizes, including the 1992 Grand Prize for Children's Literature. --- Publisher's Weekly

Part fable, part fantasy, and part morality tale, this unusual French import takes the form of a 19th-century explorer's journal, illustrated with intricate watercolors… The powerful and thought-provoking messages require reflection and may be used to spark lively discussions. --- School Library Journal

François Place
Francois Place is one of France's most beloved children's book authors. His books, which he both writes and illustrates, have won many of the country's most prestigious awards for children's literature, including three prix Sorcières, two prix Imaginales, and two prix Amerigo-Vespucci. He is married with two children.