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The Pursuit of Happy Results- SAVE 50%!

The Pursuit of Happy Results- SAVE 50%!

Barry Spann and the Making of Twenty-Seven Landscapes

by Emily Anderson
Introduction by Nicolas Barker

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ISBN: 978-0-87923-905-0
Pages: 106
Size: 6.25" x 9.5"
Published: June 1991
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This book tells the story of the remarkable Paris collaboration of Barry Spann and the redoubtable Arnold Fawcus. The result was Twenty-Seven Landscapes: 1977-1983, the last of the livres d'artiste produced in the studio of the Trianon Press, a fine books publisher known for its splendid series of publications of artists as diverse as William Blake and Ben Shahn. Trianon was a place of painstaking bookmaking where Fawcus, perfecting bother collotype and pochoir printing, had brought the art of graphic reproduction to the highest level. And it was there that Spann, transforming his extraordinary graphite drawings into collotype prints, learned the singular details of those exacting methods.

The Pursuit of Happy Results is a record of those years in Paris, those people, and their beloved processes. Produced at The Stinehour Press- the plates, printed in 400-line screen duotone, facsimiles of unprecedented fineness- it is in itself a tour de force of contemporary bookmaking and a book offered with real pride under the Hoc Volo imprint. 

Emily Anderson is a writer living in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Author: Nicolas Barker

Nicolas Barker of the British Library is also editor of The Book Collector.