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Toad to a Nightingale - SAVE 70%!

Toad to a Nightingale - SAVE 70%!

Light verse by Brad Leithauser
Drawings by Mark Leithauser

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-341-4
Pages: 64
Size: 8.22" x 10.35"
Published: October 2007
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A charming illustrated collection of light verse — witty and worldly featuring animals, plants, and objects. The subjects — grouped under the headings, Plant Creatures, Four from the Forest Floor, Periodic Riddles, Furnishings of the Moon, Cosmogonies, and Creature Creatures — range from the lyrical but lowly (discounted cantaloupes of “Cantaloupes: ‘$1 Each, 3 for $2’”) to the utterly unexpected (“An Alarm Clock Powered by AAA Batteries”). Framing this catalogue of surprises is a spirited exchange between the toad and nightingale, suggesting that a soiled toad can sometimes outdo the celestial songbird.

Brad Leithauser
Brad Leithauser is the author of twelve previous books, including four collections of verse. He lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with his wife, and is an Emily Dickinson Senior Lecturer in the Humanities at Mount Holyoke College.

Mark Leithauser
Mark Leithauser has exhibited his artwork throughout the United States, and is currently represented by Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York. He lives in Washington, D.C., where he is a senior curator and the chief of design at the National Gallery of Art.