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The White Umbrella

The White Umbrella

by Brian Sewell
illustrated by Sally Ann Lasson

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ISBN: 978-1-56792-624-8
Pages: 184
Size: 5.5 × 8.5"
Published: August 2018
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A short novel that's a treat for animal lovers – an Englishman rescues a mistreated donkey in Pakistan and now both have to travel overland across half the world, home to suburban London. En route, they encounter drug smugglers, carpet salesmen, and hosts of every variety until they finally hitch a lift from Hector, an aristocratic Brit who drives a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, in which the two eccentric Englishmen successfully smuggle the donkey across the English channel. Brian Sewell's short novel has all the characteristics of the best British prose: the wry understatement, the love of travel and adventure, the unremitting affection for animals of all kinds. If you love animals, you'll love joining this journey!

To the list of beloved tales about loyal dogs and freckle-faced boys, graying spinsters and inscrutable cats, even winsome elephants and empathetic caretakers, add the late British art critic Sewell's sweetly endearing story of a man and his donkey, wittily illustrated by Sally Ann Lasson. —Booklist Review

A beautifully written book which should become a classic. —The Times (London) There is constant pleasure in Sewell’s prose: the elegance of phrase, the wry humor and the clarity of insight. —The Independent on Sunday
Brian Sewell
Brian Sewell was an Orwell Prize-winning journalist and renowned animal-lover. He wrote for The Tatler and The Evening Standard, appeared on television and radio, and was known for his uncompromising views on modern art.

Sally Ann Lasson started work as a cartoonist at The Independent in London in 1986. She has written extensively for major newspapers and her cartoon books have been translated into several languages.